5,200 Concerned Aidilfitri Kits Distributed In Manir

HULU TERENGGANU, May 23 - Understanding the hardships suffered by the people during the government-issued Movement Control (CPP) as a result of the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, the Manir state assembly (assembly) appeared to help ease the burden ahead of Aidilfitri. tomorrow.

Manir State Assemblyman (assemblyman) Ustaz Hilmi Dato 'Harun said that through the provision of the state government, he distributed 5,200 Aidilfitri basic essentials to all heads of households as a token of shared memory.

He said the donation was not in the name of any party, but rather a consensus within the National Alliance (PN).

According to Hilmi, representatives of the PN-based party were also invited to present their contributions to the villagers after being distributed to the entire Village Community Management Council (MPKK) in the Manir state assembly.

He said the state government's donations were distributed to all affected people regardless of political affiliation to celebrate Aidilfitri.