Babacar Diallo Wants To Make Your Terengganu Supporters Smile

Terengganu defender Babacar Diallo wants to smile at his team's supporters as soon as the CIMB Super League 2020 team resumes. 

According to a report by The Star, the foreigner knew something had to be done in an attempt to bring back the somewhat turbulent Terengganu season before the league was suspended for the Covid-19 outbreak.

As such, the national football league rivals will be shortened to just one round and this will require Terengganu to respond quickly.

"During every difficult time, there will be fun and that's what I'm trying to learn now."

"The league is getting shorter and everyone is going through it."

What Diallo has to say is fundamental, because Terengganu's supporters are presented with a first-class performance on the field.

This is because, the attacking team scored eight goals but the Terengganu defense netted nine goals in three games, giving them only four points.

The Terengganu defense leak overshadowed the tactics of attacking those who were interesting enough to witness. With shorter league rivals, they obviously can't afford to lose more points.

"My teammates are all winners, we all work really hard."

"We aim to go in the same direction that brings Terengganu as high as we can."