Prisoners' tears flowed through the tribulation

MARANG - Despite the persistence and exhaustion of a prisoner's soul, their tears flow as they hear the anniversary of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, year after year.

The experience was shared by Marang Prison Superintendent Ahmad Nazri Mohamad to Bernama recently, after serving 32 years and 16 times in Syawal with prisoners.

He said the first holiday was a particularly sweet episode especially for new prisoners because they were never confined and separated from their families, but old prisoners were also in the same situation as the meaning of the feast evoked a different 'aura'.

"We usually see them joking, joking and so on but on holidays, especially in the mornings when we hear public hearings, we will see a smiling face. Each will be remembered by family, wife and children.

“The longing cannot be hidden even when it is hidden. As prison officers we have the responsibility to cheer them up so that it will not affect their safety, "he said.

According to Ahmad Nazri, during his 32 years of service, he celebrated holidays in two separate prisons, namely, Marang Prison and Simpang Renggam Prison, Johor.

Usually on the first holiday, Muslim inmates will be taken to the mosque for ceremonies and prayer prayers before eating breakfast and returning to their respective detention centers.

Unlike previous years, prisoners were not allowed to receive family visits due to Covid-19 prevention measures and the implementation of the Conditional Control Control (PKPB) Order.

“Usually in the morning they (prisoners) will come and share stories. That's when we (employees) will play a role and advise that not everyone can be happy and that sometimes we will have hard times, ”he said.

Meanwhile, one of the prisoners, Azizul, 25, said this year gave him a third experience in welcoming Aidilfitri in prison, but the ban still made his heart ache and memories of family.

Azizul said that despite his sadness, he still had to accept the fact that it was a reality he had to face because his sentence was 56 years and 23 strokes of rape for his juvenile girlfriend.

“Whenever we hear of tribulation, tears must flow. Remembering dad's spirit ... when it's time outside (before he goes to prison), it's just a normal thing. I'm really sad.

“Here I study al-Quran and study religion. I think that's the only thing that can alleviate feelings of regret. I'm really sorry ... I don't want to do this anymore, "he said in a tearful tone and stated that he wanted to learn to make a songket in prison.

Azizul, who has a physical appearance and handsome face, said that every time his mother went to jail, he would be reminded to pray and behave well and to be upbeat about what had happened.

Those words are a part of his life now and he also advises others to stay away from free association because he can be the cause of mistakes like himself.- Bernama