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Kuala Lumpur: While most of the former Terengganu City FC (TCFC) players want to drag the old management to court, the story is different for Mohd Khairul Ramadhan Mohd Zauwawi who chose not to claim his salary arrears since 2018.

Ramadhan, who was named the best player of the 2018 FAM Cup final, admitted that his life is now happier and calmer as a lorry driver after deciding to hang up his boots last season.

He said that even if he took a different step than his teammates, that didn’t mean he was legalizing his old salary with TCFC.

"I don't want to know about the old debt because I'm too lazy to wait. I used to expect the money but after many promises not kept by them (TCFC management), I just let it go.

"But I don't mean to allow it, this salary arrears are like debt. So let them answer tomorrow (in the hereafter).

"Now I am calmer because I get a daily salary. I used to be worried at the end of the month if my salary doesn't come in, but now it doesn't," he said when contacted by Arena Metro.

According to this newspaper report last Saturday, the bold move of the former Marcerra United and Kuantan FA player to drag the issue of salary arrears to the civil court also attracted the attention of the former TCFC and Hanelang FC players who confirmed that they have started the same move.

Former TCFC player, Izzaq Faris Ramlan said, he and other players had met with lawyers last week and the issue of salary arrears since 2018 will be taken to court.

The same action was also followed by the Hanelang FC player where his former defender, Tuah Iskandar chose to claim the salary arrears in court after the team management disappeared.

For the record, it is understood that the former player and TCFC official demanded salary arrears amounting to RM977,100 from the former employer.

However, only 10 former TCFC players with six coaching staff have received half the payment from FAM using the club's deposit money as well as the FAM Cup winning prize in 2018, while another 20 former players are still waiting.

Hanelang FC's arrears are estimated at RM1 million involving 20 players who are still involved and have not been paid.