Turtles To Lay Their Eggs On Batu Buruk Beach


Kuala Terengganu: A turtle aged between 15 and 18 was detected landing to lay eggs near the Primula hotel on Batu Buruk Beach, here, yesterday.

Terengganu Fisheries Department director Ruzaidi Mamat said the turtles started laying eggs between 7pm and 8.50pm with a total of 49 eggs.

He said the turtle eggs were brought to the Turtle Conservation and Information Center (TCIC) Rantau Abang, Dungun for the incubation process.

“The weight and size of the turtle could not be determined as the mother turtle had gone down to the sea when officers arrived at the location.

"However, the turtles are estimated to be between 15 - 18 years old and are young turtles based on track size and number of eggs," he said in a statement.

He added that the public is advised not to disturb the turtle while it is on its way up to land, while on land or back down to sea.

He further explained that the act can be convicted under Section 12B of the Turtle Enactment 1951 (amended 1987) and punished with a fine not exceeding one thousand ringgit or imprisonment not exceeding six months or both if convicted.

Meanwhile, Head of the External Research Laboratory, Institute of Oceanography and Environment, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT), Dr Mohd Uzair Rusli said the incident sent a message that turtles were actually ready to lay eggs along the 225 km coastline from Kemaman to Besut, apart from beaches. on an island that is a popular location for turtles.

"Turtles to go up to Batu Burok beach is a sign that our beach is suitable for turtle nesting because it is very sensitive and careful in choosing the nesting location.

"It is possible that now the public activity on the beach is very less so there is no disturbance to the turtles making them an option to lay eggs," he said.